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  Frequently Asked Questions  
1. What is the price per square foot of your homes?

While our homes price out very competitively, every home is completely different. There are so many variables that go into a custom home, it is impossible to predict the cost per square foot until the working drawings and material specifications are complete. Homes of the same size can have dramatically differing features and finishes. One with more upscale appointments or expensive materials will have a higher price per square foot. A home in which the owner selected materials or features that are less expensive will have a lower price per square foot. Since there are no direct comparables, we believe this is a poor way to judge the value of your home. It is the same as asking how much a car is "per pound". A BMW and a Hyundai may weigh virtually the same, but the price per pound is extremely different. The purchase decision is made based upon the style, features and appeal of the car, not the price per pound. So it is with a home. Judge the home on the overall value, not the price per square foot of space.

2. What if I don't have a homesite?

We assist many of our homebuyers in their search for a homesite. If you don't already have a homesite, or if the homesite you have is not suitable for the style of home you want, we can help you locate and procure a homesite that will be ideal for the home of your dreams.

3. How long does it take to build?
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Every home is unique; however, if lot acquisition is not a factor, building time should be between 5-12 months depending on the size and how intricate a home you’re building.

4. Will RSavino Custom Homes build on my lot?
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Yes. If you own a lot RSavino Custom Homes will be glad to meet with you and discuss a custom project on your property. If you are looking for a lot, we maintain relationships with many local Realtors and developers giving us access to the most current lot availability in the marketplace. So whether you own or need a lot, RSavino Custom Homes is the best place to start the custom home building process.

5. What is considered a “standard” in a RSavino home and what is an “upgrade”?
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One benefit to building with RSavino Custom Homes is that many of the things that we install in our homes are considered “upgrades” with other builders. We customize each home from concept to move-in with the features and specifications requested by each owner. We will make suggestions and provide each buyer with options from the latest in ideas and technology.

6. What are your affiliations?
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We are members of the following: National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Tidewater Builders Association (TBA) and Virginia Home Builders Association.

7. Can you supply a list of references that I can contact?
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Absolutely, at your request we will provide you with a list of homeowner references. In fact, we encourage prospective clients to contact several of our homeowners for feedback on their personal experiences with us. We pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship, our attention to detail and building personal relationships during the construction process, which we maintain through warranty and beyond. But don’t take our word for it, just ask for yourself!

8. What sets RSavino apart from other Builders?
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The difference between RSavino Custom Homes and our competitors is that we are a true custom builder. In an era with potentially unlimited selection options, we will not restrict our customers to have to settle on something with which they are not completely satisfied. We will make every effort to find the best solution to any need or request a buyer may have. We build each home using the same quality materials and subcontractors regardless of the size or cost of the home. Every home is built according to the specifications, budgets, tastes and lifestyles of each client so each one is unique. In addition, our dedication does not end with construction; we continue to provide our customers with top-notch service during your warranty. Our creativity and passion is second to none and our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

9. What price range does RSavino build in?
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RSavino Custom Homes does not build in any particular price range and in fact we try to accommodate any budget big or small. Our ultimate goal is to work within your budget to build your dream home.

10. How much does it cost to bid my project?
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RSavino Custom Homes will meet, consult and bid your project free of charge with no strings attached. Our competitive bids will include detailed specifications that outline the materials and methods to be used to construct or remodel your home. There is nothing to lose by having RSavino bid your project. In fact, you gain the peace of mind that you have researched and found the best builder for you.

11. Is it more expensive to build a custom Home?
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It is not necessarily more expensive to build a custom home. First of all, you control the amount of money spent and how it is allocated which allows you to build a home that meets your needs and specifications. Another thing to consider is your utility expenses. Most importantly, consider that building a home is usually the largest purchase you will make and thus your biggest investment. A custom home will always appreciate better and hold its value longer than a production home. Why settle for a house when you could build your dream home.

12. Can I make changes during construction?
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Yes. The process of making modifications during construction is called a “Change Order”. This is the nature of true custom building. The change order is written up and must be approved by the homeowner. If there is a cost involved the customer is responsible to pay this item before the work is performed. back to top

13. What if I do have construction plans?
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Whether you have your own construction plans or not, RSavino Custom Homes will be glad to work with you. We will meet with you and your family to discuss your design criteria in order to develop plans that will best suit your lot and needs.

14. Can I design my own home from scratch?
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Absolutely! This is what being a true custom homebuilder is all about. We will guide your concept to construction. This is a reason to build a custom home.

15. How will I be involved during construction?
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Along with weekly discussions, there are four major construction walk throughs: Pre-Start, Pre-sheetrock, Closet Layout and the Final walk through at closing. This allows us to physically walk the home with you and answer any questions that you might have.

16. How do I make my selections?
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RSavino Custom Homes has simplified the process by having standard selections at our suppliers’ showrooms. It is important to note that you are not limited to these standards, this is merely a starting point used to streamline the process. With the assistance of our decorating consultant you will make your final selections for your home.

17. Can I schedule a tour a RSavino homes?
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Yes. We would love the opportunity to walk you through both a finished home and a home under construction. In fact this is the best way for us to showcase our quality craftsmanship and features from all stages.

18. What might be a few examples of the most common project delays?
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Despite how simple it may seem, custom construction is never going to be an exact science. The closest thing to exact is when you are replicating the same home over and over as some builders do in a production subdivision. There are hundreds upon hundreds of tasks which make up the building process. The result is when there are these many variables the risk of slippage is going to be higher. Here are a few examples to perhaps provide a flavor of what could take place.

a. Project Size: It takes longer to finish a 6,000 square foot home than a 2,000 square foot home. So the size of the house affects the duration of the project. Of course, the building schedule is calculated by the size of the project and, once established, does not vary the completion date.

b. Change Orders: Nothing changes a “Move-In” date like a multitude of change orders initiated by the client during the project. As a custom homebuilder, RSavino Custom Homes understands and expects that a client will want changes as the building project progresses. However, when many change orders are requested near the end of the project, the Move-In date may likely have to be changed. Selection changes have the largest affect on the Move-In date as supplies from manufacturers are sometimes back-ordered or require long lead times to produce. Other changes may require the involvement of subcontractors and the need to schedule their work may affect the move in date. We understand there are always going to be changes because as the homeowner watches the home being created there are ideas to share and these ideas are welcomed. But at the same time as we make these modifications we also run the risk of delays.

c. Undisclosed Site Conditions: This is one of the most frustrating and least controllable events. The reason for is that you can never plan or anticipate what this might be or how long the resulted delay. Perhaps the delay could be a few hours, but it is not unrealistic to see that window be a few weeks or longer. Examples of undisclosed site conditions are: finding questionable soils when digging the foundation; running into an old concrete foundation; or just plain, bad weather. How do we address them, well by assessing the circumstance, modifying the project plan and meeting with the homeowner to discuss the impact? They are always unfortunate but one of the many challenges of building, we at RSavino have the experience necessary to help the homeowner get past these events as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to the schedule and budget.

d. Selection Delays: A significant factor resulting in schedule delays is related to the client’s selection of materials. The selection schedule given by RSavino Custom Homes to the client helps to ensure that enough time is allowed for product delivery and installation. If the customer is late on selections, it can cause a move-in delay because trying to cover lost time can be an almost impossible task. Not all of the manufactured products that we carry are easily obtainable. Some unique products carry long manufacturing lead times. RSavino Custom Homes contacts our customer when we are alerted to a back order delay. We notify our client to produce a workable solution to the client’s desired product selection.

19. Can you explain Allowances, how they work and how will play a role in our project?
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A Builder usually provides project allowances for some of the selection items that result in very personal taste. A few of the most common are for items such as interior light fixtures, countertops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, tile work and floor finishes. Builders typically setting an allowance based on experience of their past clients. These allowances provided by the builder are typically based upon averages and should be sufficient to meet the requirements of most clients. The reality is that each and every client has their own personal taste and preference depend upon what they are the allowance man not be sufficient to cover the actual expense. When this takes place the client would ask that the fixture be changed or “Upgraded” to one of their particular preference. When building a custom home, Upgrades are actually the norm hence the word “custom”. As such part of the initial process with RSavino Contract is to define these fixture allowances and define the options for ‘upgrades” as well. We will provide you the list of options and guide you on the timeline available to make the decision. Once chosen we will include this information part of our standard contract. We must advise that second most common reason next to change requests for cost over runs beyond a client’s original budget are typically the result of “upgrades”. So please remember personal taste can vary greatly and result in higher priced selections.

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